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Protech Marketing 
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Protech Marketing is a team of marketing research specialists working together in order to provide your company with sales leads.  Our in-house team works closely with  company sales representatives and managers by communicating valuable research data.

We actively seek out new prospects for companies by making calls within the commercial construction industry using internet-based systems as well as company provided lists.  Our focus is to develop and maintain a successful and consistent marketing program for your company.

Increased Sales Forecasting

Improved Revenue & Margin Performance

Shorter Sell Cycles

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Our dedicated & skilled team...

Protech Marketing will help your company grow with the assistance of our dedicated and highly skilled team.  We offer guaranteed business growth with our secured industry knowledge and tracked results.
Our Focus is to develop and maintain a successful and consistent business strategy within the commercial construction industry which will produce greater results overall for your business.


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About Us

Protech Marketing is a provider of sales and marketing consulting and training services.  Since our inception in 2003, we have worked across the east coast providing services in 34 states, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.  Protech has built its staff by hiring a select number of ambitious, driven, highly motivated people for marketing, sales and training positions.   

 The outstanding growth of Protech can be attributed to well-designed and carefully executed marketing plans highlighted by strategic training programs. We will work closely with your company in order to personally customize any project needs.